ECJ thrives on challenges! We love helping you transform and secure your business operations through technical innovation. Our goal is to build highly productive, scalable software solutions that benefit your business now and in the future.

We don’t outsource offshore, everything we do is developed in-house.  You can count on ECJ Technology as your local software development company to understand and support your business requirements and vision for success.

Your most reliable software development team.

From discovery, through solution design to delivery - we’re with you every step of the way.

Flexible & Valuable

What sets us apart from other organisations is our organic approach. We don’t believe in one size fits all. Our software development team provides the technical expertise, they collaborate with and support you in a way that alleviates your specific frustrations and enhances your business processes. We’re nimble so we can be responsive to create and implement quick wins when needed. Partnering with ECJ makes your life easier, we’re an asset to your team. You don’t need to understand all the technical stuff - as your software developer we remove the complexity that is blocking your progress so you can reach your operational goals faster.

Our Goal is to deliver simpler, cost-effective project success for our clients.

Innovative & Realistic

Our drive and commitment is focussed on solving your technical challenges, to make an impact to improve your business operations through realistic, actionable deliverables. Our developers continually strive to design and deliver game-changing solutions that transform your business and drive success. We consistently follow best practices in data security so you can embrace transformation safely. Regardless of the size of your business or the size of the project, we guarantee consistency in our level of service and ability to deliver a solid, innovative solution.

Our commitment to develop secure, robust technology solutions that make an impact now and in the future is embedded in everything we do.

Knowledgeable & Supportive

As your technology partner we translate technical specifications into relatable language. The big picture is always in sight - comprehensive documentation provides complete transparency across all projects. Useful reporting gives you control to make strategic decisions and the reassurance that data security is in trusted hands. ECJ’s expert developers can recommend and adapt development workflows for faster, successful technology outcomes. We are proud of the quality of code and level of technical support that our reputation has been built on. We're confident that together our software development team will be your most reliable technical resource.

We are committed to quality in our people, our technology and our processes. We deliver an end product that is easy to use and does what it promises.

What to expect from us.


Collaborative, personalised service.


A secure, customised solution.


Reliable technology and support.

Our approach.

Complete transparency and collaboration through your entire development journey ensures you pay for and get exactly what you want, and nothing you don’t. We work with you to help get stakeholders aligned and users involved. Increase your business capacity with ECJ as your software development team.


Step 1.

Understanding your business, your goals.

Our initial focus is on making sure we’re the right fit for our potential clients. We put extreme importance on making sure you get an easy-to-use, highly functional solution, and that we provide the highest quality development and support.

Understanding your business and your goals is key to project success, and to building a long-lasting relationship that is an asset to your business.

Step 2.

Solution recommendations.

How we can help you. Our skilled developers are experienced in data, presentation and business software development. We’re confident in our ability to recommend the most appropriate technology for your needs and technical environment.

We look to the future and are consistently looking for new and better ways to deliver robust solutions using the best technology and tools.

Microsoft web environments: ASP.NET, C#.NET, IIS, MVC, WCF

Integration with Microsoft application tools: SQL-Server, VB.NET, Access/Excel, SSRS, Power BI

Open-source web development environments: PHP, Apache

Open-source database technology: mySQL

Integration with UI/UX: JQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, JSON

Step 3.

Project scope.

Following our in-depth analysis, we provide you with an accurate cost-estimate and realistic timeline. Documentation and reporting gives clear insight and provides the flexibility to pivot quickly to minimise risk and ensure cost-effective, high-impact outcomes.

Solution design and development.

We can help your business communicate securely and effectively with your partners, your customers and the outside world.

Our team.

Meet some of our friendly leaders. We’ve built a great dedicated team of experts that have been with us for the long-haul. We’re committed to the quality and well-being of our people so they can deliver excellence.

Software development company, Sydney | ECJ Technology Pty Ltd

John Taranto
Director, CTO

John is the founder of ECJ and has been working with data applications of one sort or another for over 25 years. John has a passion for using technology to help organisations improve their business operations to run smoothly and effectively through simple, intuitive and responsive user interfaces. In particular he enjoys the challenges of helping small and medium companies adopt useful technology that makes real positive impact to their business. Over his career John has worked building software solutions across a variety of industries – mostly legal, telecommunications, advertising, property, events and corporate travel.

John continues to work with the ECJ team to deliver efficient, valuable software solutions to our clients. He enjoys being able to utilise our team’s broad experience to assist and support each of those businesses to prosper in a world of constantly changing technology.

In balance to a career focused on innovative technology, John enjoys discovering Australia’s outdoors, camping, hiking and cycling with his family.

Software development company, Sydney | ECJ Technology Pty Ltd

Krishna Kodali
Senior Software Developer

Krishna aims to deliver operational excellence to our clients by building robust technical solutions that have a high impact to improve performance and reduce cost. Krishna is highly valued at ECJ for his professionalism, natural leadership qualities and more than 12 years of solid .Net development experience. This experience extends across various applications based on object oriented programming (OOP), client/server, N-tier architecture, and Web based technologies.

His experience in Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) includes analysis, requirement, design, development, testing, installation, and maintenance of web-based and windows applications.

Krishna enjoys learning new technologies in a team environment and embraces the challenges of adapting technology to new and better environments creating innovative, superior outcomes.


Software development company, Sydney | ECJ Technology Pty Ltd

Amanda Mood
Senior Software Developer

Amanda has over 20 years’ experience as a software developer across industries including practice management, billing systems, treasury, and hotel booking and payments. Amanda is very customer service oriented and has a keen eye for detail. Amanda enjoys creating systems of organised data capture, manipulation, retrieval and display. She has a special interest in invoicing.

Software development company, Sydney | ECJ Technology Pty Ltd

Manoj Rajan
Software Developer

A dedicated software developer for 12+ years, Manoj’s main focus and expertise is in software development using Microsoft technologies.  Contributing to Open Source software is a passion that drives Manoj to constantly improve his existing skills, learn new ones and connect with like-minded peers. He has rich experience in Payment Gateways and EDI Transmission protocols (HL7 Healthcare Data).

When away from the screen Manoj is a foodie and can usually be found ranking dishes by deliciousness. Manoj thinks his wife throws the best dinner parties for family and friends at home and happily scrubs pots to contribute.