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Achieve more.

Reduce business operations costs, improve performance and profitability

Deliver the best experience.

Easily adapt to market shifts.

Reduce business operations costs, improve performance and profitability

Automation and collaboration your whole business will love.

Users at all levels – executives, teams and customers – will benefit from customised features.

Reduce business operations costs, improve performance and profitability

Ready for anything.

Flexible, robust, secure foundations. Centralised visibility and control.

Stay ahead of the curve.

Cut the cost your business incurs due to outdated or incompatible technology. ASK, is your business:

Predictive, responsive?

Are your current business operations unresponsive to customer demands and market trends?

Fit for growth?

Do you have the capacity to build and scale?



Are your employees struggling with time consuming complex workflows?

Risk protected?

Is manual data entry causing delays, errors, bad data and limited tracking?

Agile business operations infrastructure allows your business to adapt to environmental changes fast and maintain stability.

Responsive operations processes give you the ability to identify and effectively adapt to changes in your industry and in your customers’ preferences. Tracking and reporting insights help manage disruption and consistently meet your customers’ expectations.

Use custom software development to build the unique features your business requires to stand above its competitors. Applications integration along with data system optimization enables smooth, secure collaboration as well as storage and analysis of critical information how, when and where you need it most.

Fetch data from across your entire organisation to preemptively set alert notifications to the right people in the best channel for the most effective issue resolution, or to deliver satisfaction to users.

Invest in only the features your business needs now, developed exactly the way you want them to work.

Don’t pay for out-of-the-box software that misses the mark while incurring annual renewal fees. Struggling to adapt off-the-shelf software loads added pressure on your resources and time. Avoid the frustration of your hard efforts going to waste, as you discover the limitations of packaged software to deliver the exact features and integration your business requires.

Custom software development on the other hand, gives you complete control to create the most effective features for your business success, and manage the cost to do so. Custom software doesn’t require ongoing licenses and you only pay for what you need. Features such as;

  • real-time secure and monitored access from anywhere
  • improved insights, customised dashboards and reporting
  • automated invoicing, tax and secure payment options
  • specialised disaster and emergency operations management.

Create an agile operational ecosystem that can be altered, upgraded or expanded in future.

Integrating your important systems saves time and cost while reducing risk to your business. Avoid time spent duplicating inputs across platforms. Eliminate costly errors and the time spent finding and correcting them.

Run your business at its optimum level with smooth, efficient database structure and management in place using the latest technology. Centralising processes increases visibility that drives informed decision-making for optimised profitability.

  • Accounting and finance – payments, security, invoicing and tax
  • Ecommerce – bookings, sales, logistics, customer support
  • Professional services – governance, risk management, and compliance, collaboration, tracking, reporting, resource management.


How we help you cut costs.

Expert advice you can understand, reliable development and support as you transform your operations processes.


With custom software development you get to choose how and where to invest for optimal performance and highest ROI.

  • Architecture and planning
  • Custom software development
  • Web application development
  • Database design and development
  • API Systems Integration.


Agile, digitized business processes reduce the load on resources, while improving individual user and overall business performance.

ECJ helps your business communicate securely and effectively with your partners, your customers and the outside world.

  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Quality assurance
  • Security solutions
  • Testing.


We’re technically savvy, professional and realistic. We’ll make sure you’re on the right path to solve your unique technical challenges.

We provide monitoring and maintenance to keep your digital ecosystem secure and up-to-date. Clients depend on us to ensure their security remains compliant and data integrity is maintained.

  • Technical consulting
  • Maintenance
  • Ongoing support.

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