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Reduce Business Operation Costs | Small Business Custom Solution

Act and respond in real-time

Say goodbye to endless paperwork and repetitive tasks. Transform your business operations by going digital to streamline and automate manually intensive work. Align your daily tasks with long-term business goals and gain the competitive edge.

Reduce Business Operation Costs | Small Business Custom Solution

Capture and utilise valuable data

Gain control of data across individuals, teams and departments. More efficient and accurate data capture, all in one place. Better reporting improves decision-making and forecasting to reduce business operation costs.

Reduce Business Operation Costs | Small Business Custom Solution

Improve productivity quickly

No more fragmented workflows. Simplify workflows for faster, simple-to-use processing that will delight staff and customers. Convert more sales, save time and offer a better experience.

Reduce Business Operation Costs | Small Business Custom Solution

Solve critical business challenges

Take control of challenges and issues that prevent your business achieving its goals. A strategic approach to automating processes saves time, money and stress while improving performance, reliability and security.

We’ve been helping SME’s streamline and grow their business operations for over 18 years.

Are you ready to transform your business with a practical software solution, and reduce business operation costs?

We’re proud of long-term partnerships with our clients and proven successes. ECJ supports the full development lifecycle from idea and discovery, through design and development to delivery of working software. We’re with you every step of the way. As your trusted technology partner, we provide ongoing advice, maintenance and support to ensure your secure future.

streamline business operations

Reduce Business Operation Costs | Small Business Custom Solution

For your business

Scale and control.

Create smarter functionality that propels your business, supports change and growth. The flexibility to set and control permissions based on role, behaviour or resource helps create a product that addresses your specific business requirements.

Minimise risk.

Implementation of security features provides you with the reassurance that you’re always protected in the best way to reduce risk to your business.


Get better transparency and direct access to data and content. Easily report and manage inventory in real-time. Respond faster and make meaningful, data-informed decisions for future success.

Reduce Business Operation Costs | Small Business Custom Solution

For your employees

Avoid confusion.

Enforcing business rules and company policy provides a solution to costly or burdensome regulations that can impact and drain limited resources. Apply consistent rules across workflows. Track and manage projects in real-time.

Remove friction.

Seamless multi-platform integration saves time and reduces errors or duplicated and outdated data. Engage more with business stakeholders for faster results.

Better, easy-to-use tools.

Implement faster, more efficient processes. Automate workflows and extend functionality to create a happier, more collaborative and productive work environment. Improved employee engagement in-turn increases employee retention.

Reduce Business Operation Costs | Small Business Custom Solution

For your customers

Surpass customer expectation.

Offer a superior product with a user-centred design that offers more touch-points across multiple devices.


Improve reliability and your brand’s reputation as a trusted, professional service or supplier. Increased customer satisfaction helps turn them into advocates for your business and drive sales forward.


Create an effortless experience tailored to your customers’ needs through technical innovation. Offer a secure platform that delivers your vision for success and challenges your competitors.

Improve data security and compliance.

Protect important financial and personal data.

ECJ specialises in data protection, migration, extraction and integration.

  • Use and share data securely
  • Diagnose and report security compliance
  • Enhanced data security and regulatory compliance for better fraud protection
  • Data loss prevention
  • Multi-layered payment security
  • Secure multi-platform integration.

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What our customers say

When creating a new booking system for our Hot Air Ballooning experience we needed a system that addressed several key points – online bookings with live availability; the flexibility to handle multiple ticket types and locations and recording agent details and commission, all whilst keeping the system as user friendly as possible. ECJ were able to deliver a system that easily met these complex specifics and further more have continued to provide an exceptional level of support to ensure our system continues to perform seamlessly.As our business has grown and expanding, ECJ have ensured that our system was able to grow with us with the minimum of fuss and aggravation. The ECJ team have always been on-hand to resolve any issues as they arise, and offer advice and recommendations on any changes we have needed to make along the way.

Peta Hurley
Balloon Aloft

ECJ has helped CA ANZ develop a tailored suite of secure, robust and user-friendly applications. We use those applications as valuable member resource offerings and online tools, with other applications forming part of our vital compliance programs framework. The team at ECJ have always been responsive, sharing their creative thinking to give us superior technological solutions.

Bridget Weiley
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

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