• How much does custom software development cost?

    The cost of your software will depend on its complexity including the systems to be integrated, functionality, and the support needed. Whether you want to add new features, improve existing operations processes, or build new software from scratch, we’re happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.

  • Should I be familiar with technical details to work with you?

    There is absolutely no need for you to understand the technicalities of software development. It is more valuable to your business for you to stay focused on your core business tasks. As software development experts, we are ready to explain to you all technical requirement, processes and expected outcomes in simple, relatable language that is easy to understand. The goal is to ensure you receive exactly the right solution that meet or exceeds your expectation, with no nasty surprises along the way, whatever your level of software development and technical environment knowledge and experience may be.

    We aim to provide stress-free software development experience. Preparing detailed requirements will help our developers to understand your vision entirely, and help us to give you an accurate quote.

    You can help by sharing the details of your project – like scope, timeframes, and business challenges you’d like to solve. It is ideal to make user stories, where you explain the function and the end result you are expecting rather than delving into the technical solution.

  • How long does software development take?

    It can take between 3-12 months to develop a software application. Again, the timeline of your software development depends on your existing technical environment, as well as the type and complexity of the project and the software solution requirements. After detailed planning, development often takes place in phases, delivering MVP or high-valued functionality for testing and implementation as first priority in the process.

    If you have a specific timeline requirement or absolute deadline, we will work hard to meet it. What sets us apart from other organisations is our organic approach. We don’t believe in one size fits all. We’re nimble so we can be responsive to create and implement quick wins when needed. We’ll never compromise on quality and will work to deliver a reliable software solution every time.

  • Why should I develop my software with ECJ instead of outsourcing overseas?

    ECJ Technology is 100% Australian owned and operated. Everything we do is developed locally in-house by an experienced software development team. We partner with you every step of the way. Our experience and locality means we have the ability to advise you, not just write the code. As your local software development partner we offer face-to-face meetings and are a good fit for projects that require more frequent communication and fewer iterations. Information will get across much faster since you’ll be communicating with us during the same business hours. We don’t use confusing, technical jargon. We communicate in an open, relatable and concise manner, ensuring all stakeholders are clear on expectations and outcomes. You’ll be provided with meaningful and accurate documentation and updates throughout the software development process.

  • How can I be guaranteed on the quality, reliability and security of the software?

    We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control, including demo walk-throughs and periodic code reviews. Our drive and commitment is focussed on solving your technical challenges, to make an impact to improve your business operations through realistic, actionable deliverables that are monitored, tested and approved consistently throughout the software development process.

    ECJ are highly experienced data security and compliance experts. Comprehensive documentation provides complete transparency across all projects. Useful reporting gives you control to make strategic decisions and the reassurance that data security is in trusted hands.

    Regardless of the size of your business or the size of the project, our commitment to develop secure, robust technology solutions that make an impact now and in the future is embedded in everything we do. Following development completion, ECJ is available to provide you with ongoing maintenance and support, if and when required.

    ECJ has been in operation for over 18 years, and the longevity of our client relationships over many years is proof of our reliability to consistently deliver scalable and reliable software solutions.

  • What control and ownership do we have over the project and code?

    We understand every business is different with their own project management, compliance and approval processes in place. ECJ is flexible in adapting to compliment your existing project management process to ensure you will be an integral part of planning and testing. From sprint planning through to review before the release date, you have control.

    Once the software development project is completed, you own everything that is necessary to build, maintain, or extend the software, such as “executable” files, scripts, project files and source code. One of the major benefits of custom software development is that you own everything, forever, without any ongoing subscription fees.

  • What technologies and programming languages do you specialise in?

    Our team of developers have broad experience using a variety of technologies in different industry contexts. Most commonly we have worked within the Microsoft frameworks for online application development. We have experience in and work confidently with:

    • Microsoft web application environments – ASP.NET, C#.NET, IIS, MVC, WCF
    • Microsoft database tools – SQL-Server, Access/Excel, SSRS, Power BI
    • Open-source web development environments – Angular, PHP, Apache
    • Open-source database technology – mySQL
    • Integration with UI/UX – JQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, JSON, React
  • How do I get started on my software development project, do we need to meet?

    The first critical step is understanding your business and your goals. Our initial focus is on making sure we’re the right fit for you. Generally, an in-person meeting isn’t necessary to analyse, specify, quote and get started on your software development project. Work can take place with discussions over zoom, call, or email. However, if you prefer to meet face-to-face, or it maybe beneficial to visit your location and sit across the table to demonstrate your infrastructure, idea or special requirements, we are more than happy to do so.

  • Do you charge to quote?

    We off a free consultation and quote to get you started.

    What you can expect in your free consultation:

    • A one-on-one discussion to learn about your business, its specific needs, and challenges.
    • Professional, experienced, and practical advice for you to improve your existing business operations. Discussed in clear language, not technical jargon or buzzwords.
    • Manageable first-step direction to get you started with confidence towards achievable goals that deliver the right software solution for your business.
  • What is the process to develop software with ECJ?

    Complete transparency and collaboration through your entire development journey ensures you pay for and get exactly what you want, and nothing you don’t.

    Step 1 is to define a clear vision of your business objectives. Together we’ll prepare an outline of your needs, create an overview of your current technical environment, and list the problems you are trying to solve. The pathway to delivery of a superior product begins with an informed and authentic discussion.

    Step 2 We’ll provide solution recommendations. We’re confident in our ability to recommend the most appropriate technology for your needs and technical environment.

    Step 3 Project scope. Following our in-depth analysis, and your understanding of our recommendations, we provide you with an accurate cost-estimate and realistic timeline. Typically at this point we would also look to identify staged or phased milestones for your project. So we might look to separate out those things that are urgent and needed now from those that are on a longer-term wish-list.

    Step 4 Ongoing testing and review throughout the development process to deliver expected outcomes on time successfully. Documentation and reporting gives clear insight and provides the flexibility to pivot quickly to minimise risk and ensure cost-effective, high-impact outcomes.

    Step 5 Going live is exciting but we don’t stop there. ECJ will follow-on with ongoing monitoring, testing and reporting to ensure the security and reliability of your software solution.

  • What is the minimum budget and project size you are willing to work with?

    Over the years, we’ve been privileged to work with many local small and medium size businesses from a variety of industries from e-commerce to booking platforms. Additionally, we’ve partnered long-term with large international enterprise and Australian government departments to deliver complex, evolving software solutions. We’ve even helped individuals get their dream project off-the-ground to launch their idea with easy-to-use software solutions and apps.

    It’s not the size or cost of the project that is most important to us. Our focus in on the benefits our software solutions can deliver to you and our ability to solve your technical challenges, or to see your vision come to life.

    The ECJ team are experienced, nimble, and love a challenge. Since 2002 we’ve delivered successful projects and built long-lasting relationships with our customers that we are proud of.

  • Do you provide support services?

    In addition to development services, ECJ provides:

    • Project Consulting
    • Systems Design
    • Information Architecture Design
    • Maintenance
    • Ongoing Support.

    Clients depend on us to ensure their security remains compliant and data integrity is maintained. We provide monitoring and maintenance to keep your digital ecosystem secure and up-to-date. Monitoring ensures processes are functional, and any issues are alerted to minimise risk to your business.

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