Knowledge is power.

Improve business intelligence across your entire organisation.

Visual dashboards gather important data and graphically display cross-functional overviews of your company. Track your business performance with a customised view of real-time analytics metrics on a single screen window.


Visual dashboard benefits.

Visual dashboards can reveal at a glance certain trends and patterns that you might not otherwise recognise. Identify, automatically combine, and manage multiple sources of data. Everyone reaps the benefits of more connected and shared data, and your business thrives when outcomes are aligned across your whole organisation.

Shift data into decision.

Validate your business strategy.

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Customised visual dashboards


Still tracking sales and performance in offline, manually updated Excel spreadsheets? Automated dashboards and customised reporting deliver business-relevant analytics in real-time. Graphs, charts or tables reveal analytical results, correlations, differences and other facts.

Customised visual dashboards


Sync data and analytics with your specific business processes and decision-making criteria. Shared data insights help minimise business risk and enables faster response time when issues do arise. Well architected, intuitive tools and interfaces help everyone from executives to sales reps perform better.

Customised visual dashboards


Easily monitor sales metrics, KPIs, pipeline forecasts and more – from anywhere, any time. Dashboards can track the performance of departments, people or products across the hour, day, week, month, and a quarter, giving stakeholders both a short and long-term view of business health and performance.

For individuals, teams and departments.

Visual dashboards of live data drive action.

Access to accurate data.

Confident data-backed decision making.

Increase and improve user adoption and engagement.

Enables collaboration.

For executives and management.

Action-based dashboards drive business growth and success.

Increase employee productivity levels.

Increase goal reaching and target success rates.

Increase revenue.

Reduce costs.

Reach your goals.

Access your business insights and leverage your true growth potential.

  • Improve data collection – Are you collecting the right data?
  • Manage and monitor your business intelligence more effectively
  • Translate data into valuable insights
  • Distribute accurate data insights across your entire organisation
  • Improve dialogue and collaboration between teams and departments in any location
  • Visualisations make analysis faster and easier for project performance and growth
  • Monitor critical risk reduction measures to protect your business
  • Turn data-back decisions into attainable, relevant and effective action that makes real improvement to your business operations.

Customised Reporting.

Get even more from your data.

Get automated reports delivered how, when and where your day-to-day business operations requires. Access and analyse past and present business information while keeping track of overall performance.

Easily meet board, regulation or compliance criteria. Custom reports provide a comprehensive view of business performance for specific audiences and metrics. Clear, relevant and accurate reporting helps reduce risk and promotes better forecasting for future success.

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ECJ has helped CA ANZ develop a tailored suite of secure, robust and user-friendly applications. We use those applications as valuable member resource offerings and online tools, with other applications forming part of our vital compliance programs framework.The team at ECJ have always been responsive, sharing their creative thinking to give us superior technological solutions.