Strengthen and scale your digital platform.

As your company’s strategic software solutions partner ECJ Technology helps create a better, secure future for your business.

We work closely with you to deliver on functionality, reliability and security that increases productivity and minimises risk to your business. ECJ Technology has over 17 years’ experience providing custom software solutions across a variety of industries in both the private and government sectors.

We are travel industry experts. Our developers have specialised skills in travel and accommodation booking.  ECJ Technology understands the complexities of travel data and has extensive experience integrating with travel industry platforms and security compliance.

Whatever the size of your business, industry you belong to, service or product you provide, ECJ has the technical knowledge to help you translate your technology goals and make it happen!  We follow best practices and are nimble so we can adapt to work with you.  Our team of professionals help plan for the future growth and success of your digital platform.


A secure future.

More secure than out-of-the-box software, custom software also provides flexibility to transform your business as it adapts to future challenges and grows.

Your unique custom software solution is less of a target to hackers, whereas major out-of-the-box solutions providers defend hackers daily.


When it comes to data security, you’re in trusted hands with us.  ECJ’s experience and knowledge regarding data security compliance processes and implementation of security features provide you with the reassurance that you’re always protected in the best way to minimise risk to your business.


Need a secure payment solution?

Protect your business from cyber criminals. We can help provide multi-layered payment security to protect your payments ecosystem. You’ll be able to reassure your customers that they don’t have to worry about their personal data. We know our stuff and are dynamite at developing and maintaining secure systems and application solutions to meet the security standards required for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance Certification.


Higher ROI.

Custom Software Development is a cost-effective, long-term investment that yields a higher return on investment than out-of-the-box software solutions.

Custom software doesn’t require ongoing licenses and you only pay for what you need. Don’t pay for all the little features you’ll never use or are not quite right for your business that are packaged in an out-of-the-box solution. You own the Intellectual Property (IP) with no subscription costs.


By architecting and developing a custom software solution for you that is scalable, integrates better and delivers cost-effective support and maintenance, your business benefits from immediate operational impact as well as long-term returns.