Set your business up for success.

Collect, store, share, change, manage and search all your business data online.

Whether you require an enterprise-wide application or an application that addresses a single business process, ECJ builds database applications to streamline and connect all sorts of business processes.

Optimise your business processes to boost performance and increase capacity. Improve efficiency and accuracy by eliminating paperwork and automating operational processes.

  • Bespoke data capture
  • Data management process design
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Inventory tracking and management.

Greater visibility across your entire business.

Know your business capability in real-time.

Custom database development allows you to take control with customisable reporting to monitor, assess and plan your business. Up-to-date inventory, accurate budget information and production foresight allows for better informed decision making to get the most out of your resources and increase profitability.

Set strategic business goals and win.  On demand visibility across your entire business allows you to be more responsive in your Operational Management and plan for future success.  Create a superior experience that empowers your people and impress customers by offering better quality service that builds your professional reputation.

  • Combat any resource shortage or productivity threats in advance
  • Precise data insights help avoid pitfalls
  • Provide data-backed strategic planning for future success
  • Greater data insights help set SMART goals that make an impact to your business where it’s needed most.