The challenge.

A constant challenge in the corporate travel environment is to extract meaningful information from a great mass of spend data. The spend may be across a variety of different vendors, by different parts of the organisation that operate with different procurement processes and rules. A further challenge is tracking post-stay accommodation spend – so tracking and centralising spend on incidentals and ancillary charges.

The solution.

ECJ Technology worked with The Lido Group to implement a range of different solutions that bring forward visibility of corporate travel spend. The objective is to be agnostic towards whatever card programs or processes the organisation use for their spending, and so we have implemented solutions that work with most of the major card programs.

Applied technologies

  • API Integration

Product features

  • Currency conversion and forex fees
  • Incidental charges and secondary spending
  • Fees and other ancillary charges
  • Reporting

The success.

ECJ have been able to build automated solutions which allow The Lido Group to provide granular spend data for clients that use a variety of different card types or payment programs. As well as integrating with cardholder data programs, The Lido Group is also able to integrate data with a range of expense management solutions.

Custom developed payment solutions have benefited The Lido Group and its clients. The success of the integrations here has allowed The Lido Group to be able to deliver considerable savings for their clients as a result of effective payment solutions, as developed by ECJ.

ECJ has been responsible for the major part of Lido’s systems development and application design since 2003. They have been able to work with us through a radically transformative time in the travel industry, particularly regarding the adoption of technology through different sectors of the industry. ECJ have been able to assist us in transforming our systems as the business has changed through the years. Many of the core components of the systems that were built in the early days are still with us in some form, which stands as a testament to the quality of the work done. ECJ has been adept in retaining what we can from our existing systems, but also in being able to build on those solid foundations to develop new tools that keep us at the forefront of technology in the industry.ECJ have always provided a committed and responsive level of support to Lido. They have been able to recognise the support the business has needed at different stages and provide the appropriate level of support at each stage.
Steve Mackenzie The Lido Group

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