The challenge.

ID Events Australia plan, manage and organise event logistics from start to finish. One of the biggest challenges for the company is they manage large, complex events with lots of moving parts – and they need to maintain real-time awareness of the overall event as well as granular control of all the event detail as the build changes. The planning, design and implementation of events, tours, activities, transportation, registration, and program logistics requires a flexible, easily accessible and insightful software solution. Another challenge for ID Events Australia is keeping tabs on costs incurred and being able to report on total spend throughout the progress of each event.

The solution.

ECJ built a C# .Net web application built on a SQL-Server database for ID Events. All access to the data is via the web interface. At any point in time, the consultants can see a top-level state of the conference or event. A custom web interface allows users to access and report a summary of the costs and total spend at any time. Users can also easily drill down into the nitty-gritty of particular line items that are being worked on and highlight these for review by other users.

Applied technologies

  • C#
  • .Net
  • SQL Database

Product features

  • Financial Reporting
  • Item/Task Review

The success.

The software solution built by ECJ for ID Events Australia has supported the company with hundreds of events. The application has been easy to use and clear for different types of users, and has been adaptable for use in a range of events, from quite small through to very large conferences with thousands of attendees.

We have worked with ECJ Technology since they provided us with an easy to use solution to a reasonably complex request. Our new software is perfect and even better, we are able to tweak/adjust and make changes whenever required as ECJ work with us on an ongoing basis often providing same day solutions. We are 100% happy.
Karen Livermore, Director of Sales and Events ID Events Australia

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