The challenge.

GovernRight needs to be able to do many functions simultaneously – to be clear and clean and easy to use, while also being able to capture and store structured information about different types of organisations. The system needs to work in tandem with the existing management processes for the clients, but also be able to flag where those processes need to improve and record data differently.



The solution.

ECJ has developed a custom web application that provides control to members, by being flexible enough to allow them to enter their data in the format that suits them, but that also can flag across the system where there are gaps in the information recorded. A structured framework of input requirements helps eliminate errors and omissions of Board Agendas and Minutes, which ultimately assists them in properly recording and managing the risks and responsibilities within their businesses. The system can receive and submit data via the import of data from Excel templates. Data reports can be exported to XML or PDF.



Applied technologies

  • .NET

Product features

  • PDF
  • Reporting
  • XML Web Services

The success.

The GovernRight application has continued to provide a data management architecture for an ever-growing set of businesses and community organisations. ECJ continues to add new features and to extend the functionality to allow greater data capture within the application.

ECJ’s web application solution has provided users with the ability to more accurately measure performance and track business initiatives, reduce errors, align stakeholders, and provide better insight into performance.


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