The challenge.

CAANZ has to gather large quantities of information from their members and practices. This needs to be done in a way that’s simple to use for the diverse membership base, but also that is capable of maintaining the security of the member data and the confidentiality of their information. The application also has to keep track of compliance with the program by the member base, and so needs to be aware when there are gaps in the data to be filled.

The solution.

Custom Web Application and Database Development. ECJ has built a variety of bespoke data collection applications for the organisation. Most of these have a few key features in common: for the member practices, they provide a secure, easy-to-use interface to provide their compliance data; for the organisation, they provide a comprehensive reporting suite that shows the state of the data as it arrives. Across the applications there are lots of validation steps to ensure the integrity of the data, and email reminders to encourage compliance within the scheduled dates.

Applied technologies

  • .NET
  • SQL Server

Product features

  • Data analysis
  • Reporting

The success.

We have been working for CAANZ now for over 10 years, and over that time have built quite a variety of different applications for the organisation, for different kinds of data collection purposes. We’ve been able to help CAANZ to better engage with their membership and to ensure that their various compliance obligations are met.

ECJ has helped CA ANZ develop a tailored suite of secure, robust and user-friendly applications. We use those applications as valuable member resource offerings and online tools, with other applications forming part of our vital compliance programs framework.The team at ECJ have always been responsive, sharing their creative thinking to give us superior technological solutions.
Bridget Weiley Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

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