The challenge.

Hot air ballooning has some particular challenges for a ticketing application. There are extensive regulatory requirements, to satisfy air safety authorities. The requirement for bookings to be edited, especially due to the regular intervention of weather, is of high importance. A high volume of  bookings are sold indirectly through agents requiring many variations of commission pricing to be managed.

The solution.

ECJ developed a .Net web application built on a SQL-Server database for Balloon Aloft. This then writes booking data to JSON that can be consumed by web/mobile front-end interfaces. The application architecture allows a hierarchy of different administrator levels, so that different user types (pilots, office staff, booking consultants) can manage different sub-sets of data, while head office has overall visibility of all the data.

Applied technologies

  • .Net
  • SQL Database
  • JSON

Product features

  • Mapping
  • Reporting
  • XML Web Services
  • Custom Administration module

The success.

The application ECJ developed for Balloon Aloft made a great impact to the management of business operations and supported the company’s ability to easily scale the business.  ECJ’s technology solution has assisted Balloon Aloft to maintain and strengthen its trusted market leading position.

When creating a new booking system for our Hot Air Ballooning experience we needed a system that addressed several key points – online bookings with live availability; the flexibility to handle multiple ticket types and locations and recording agent details and commission, all whilst keeping the system as user friendly as possible.ECJ were able to deliver a system that easily met these complex specifics and furthermore have continued to provide an exceptional level of support to ensure our system continues to perform seamlessly.As our business has grown and expanded, ECJ have ensured that our system was able to grow with us with the minimum of fuss and aggravation. The ECJ team have always been on-hand to resolve any issues as they arise, and offer advice and recommendations on any changes we have needed to make along the way.
Peta Hurley Balloon Aloft

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