The challenge.

To balance one comprehensive Ambassador system to manage uniform stock, users, ordering, delivery and reporting across multiple client sites, with the ability to extend and customise each site uniquely for those individual clients. ECJ’s goal was to provide Ambassador with centralised inventory management, while delivering a better user interface and validation for ordering and dispatch to its clients, and their customers who are ordering uniforms.

The solution.

ECJ architected, designed and developed an AWS cloud hosted inventory and sales management system using Angular. ECJ first planned and constructed the solid foundation for an extendable eco system by creating a database structure that allowed for the secure evolution of a multiple client-sites all feeding into one live Ambassador environment.

Applied technologies

  • Angular
  • .Net Web API
  • SQL database
  • JSON

Product features

  • Extendable and customised sites for customers
  • CMS
  • Customised live Reporting
  • Payment solution
  • Email notifications – reminders and error alerts

3 Hrs

Ambassador can have a new client site up and running with inventory, and start receiving uniform orders in just 3 hours.

The success.

ECJ’s database solution to manage complex data inputs from multiple client sites, delivered to Ambassador a platform that is easy and fast to extend. Following on from the initial setup, the system then allows Ambassador to uniquely optimise the store, ordering and tracking experience for each individual client-sites. Ambassador client sites can facilitate features such as:

  • Customised branding
  • Unique inventory logic (maximum order quantities, or packaged uniform kits, for example)
  • Ordering and stock event alerts for following up on incomplete orders and real-time stock tracking
  • Customised email order summaries and confirmations
  • Pre-authorised, credit card or purchase order payment options
  • Testing coupled with a customised error engine, sends instant alerts to avoid costly mishaps or disappointments to the end-user.

Ambassador administrators can easily add products and users, individually or in bulk. While reporting provides accurate view of stock levels and average usage for better cost control and planning.

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