Technical Consulting

We’re technically savvy, professional and realistic.

Discuss with us your business’ operational vision. We’ll make sure you’re on the right path to solve your unique technical challenges.

In addition to development services, ECJ provides:

  • project consulting
  • systems design
  • information architecture design
  • search engine optimisation

Whether you need to digitise, expand or enhance your existing business systems or require specific bespoke functionality, our highly experienced team can guide you every step of the way to achieve a superior performing product.  We’ll recommend the most appropriate technology for your needs and technical environment.

Our team will communicate to you in relatable, informative language. Transparency and  clear communication ensures we’re all on the same page to avoid delays, hurdles and unnecessary costs. This criteria is key to your success and ours. We provide planning and documentation that benefits all stakeholders and gets things moving for faster results. We avoid buzz words and complicated frameworks that hinder progress and delivery. Our aim is to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective and high impact results for you and your business.


Clients depend on us to ensure their security remains compliant and data integrity is maintained. 

We provide monitoring and maintenance to keep your digital ecosystem secure and up-to-date.  Monitoring ensures processes are functional, and any issues are alerted to minimise risk to your business.


We're here to support you all the way in getting the most value from your software investment.

We love long relationships. Our service goes beyond initial build and delivery. We’ve been supporting our customers for over 17 years.

As your technology partner, we’re always on-hand to provide technical support or to further improve your operations and deliver a better user experience through ongoing optimisation.  We’ll help you to get stakeholders on-board and see your vision become a reality.

Quality and consistency in our work has enabled us to build trusted, long-lasting relationships with a diverse range of clients. Contact ECJ for business software development and support that achieves real results through optimal workflows, and delivers software solutions that last.