Integrate data systems into other B2B applications.

Make your business data systems collaborative, accessible and adaptive across platforms and departments.

Out-of-the box solutions tend to be bad at integrating with each other. To collaborate, people have to move from program to program. This lack of integration causes longer processing time and is harder to automate, as well as being difficult or impossible to scale.

Seamless connectivity of multiple systems and data sources.

ECJ can provide you with a specialised, standards-compliant API integration solution that allows your business to better manage diverse web-based applications regardless of platform or programming language. Internal and remote systems can easily interact and communicate better.

  • Seamless API integration enhances data integrity and ensures consistency across teams and departments.
  • Key mapping delivers a bespoke solution that meets your unique business needs.


Offer a better experience.

Improve interaction and security between data, applications, and devices.

ECJ Technology can integrate existing technical stacks, third party API’s or build something completely new to post data.  We have over 17 years’ experience moving data around and sharing it with other applications.

Our Integration Solutions enable your employees to spend time more efficiently doing what matters most to them and helps your business succeed and grow. Payment Gateway integration can create a more enjoyable and secure digital payment experience for your customers.

  • Improved functionality, collaboration and performance reduces friction
  • Unlock data for faster more agile performance
  • Create a more enjoyable experience that delivers superior outcomes
  • Have peace of mind that API security is in place to authorised and verify access to critical information
  • API systems integration can be implemented across all business types and industries.